How to Wear A Monochromatic Outfit? A Full Guide

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Monochrome outfits (pieces with only one major color) are notoriously rumored to fit only models with slender limbs and perfect body ratios. Is that true, though? 
Our expert team dares to prove otherwise with a checklist on how to wear a monochrome outfit, which works for all types of styles and body shapes. Let’s get started! 

Table of Contents

How to Wear A Monochromatic Outfit? Tips to Keep In Mind1. Apply Subtle Variations in Similar Tone2. Welcome Fabric Contrasts3. Start With Your Favorite Bright Color4. Incorporate Some PrintsExamples of Great Monochromatic Outfit Ideas1. Burn Orange Sweater + Coat + Skirt 2. White Blazer + Crop Top + Pant + Boots 3. Green Suit + Black BeltDo Monochrome Outfits Have Any Disadvantages?Conclusion
How to Wear A Monochromatic Outfit? Tips to Keep In Mind
1. Apply Subtle Variations in Similar Tone
The decisive factor behind a good monochromatic outlook is to stop fixating on exactly matching shades. Instead, be more creative and adopt tones from the same coloring family to help them complement each other. 
Long story short: think tone sur tone, not match-matchy. Slightly different spectrums added onto a single solid color can break its harshness and keep you from having to find exact color matches when tackling separates. 
A great example is to start your outfit with marigold blouses, then feature other yellow shades like goldenrod or canary to give the clothes more pronounced accents. 
2. Welcome Fabric Contrasts
Typical monochrome outfits encourage viewers to let their eyes wander vertically (which is actually a good thing, as it creates a length illusion). Still, people would appreciate it if you gave their eyes somewhere to rest! 
Textures are the best solution to that dilemma. Monochromatic looks with contrastive fabrics (say, boucle tops paired with silky shorts) are much more commanding than silk with silk, for instance. 
And feel free to explore other materials like cashmere, matte crepe, lace, and wool; the choices are endless! 
3. Start With Your Favorite Bright Color
It’s quite baffling how monochromes are only associated with neutrals like gray, brown, and black. You can totally build your outfit with a piece in bright colors!
Take out every one-color clothing in the wardrobe, then place them flat on the floor or your bed. Start mixing and matching to see what goes well with each other. 
4. Incorporate Some Prints
Why stick only to solids? Provided that the patterns have obvious main color schemes, they can work with your monochrome attire just fine. 
And do not hesitate to include extra accessories to accentuate the piece. Take Christian fashion as an example; we strongly suggest brown print scarfs on brown Jesus T-shirts, which you can find in famous clothing stores like Creativity Faith. 
Examples of Great Monochromatic Outfit Ideas
1. Burn Orange Sweater + Coat + Skirt 
An awesome color theme for winter and fall that goes extremely well for women with fair skin. The contrasting texture between the sweater’s heavy texture and shiny/silky skirt balances each other out to manifest a delicate balance – almost like judicial scales. 
Try at least one piece first, though, to ensure it works well for your desired style. 
How about footwear? Though a couple of shoes in the same orange family will be great, modern white boots are a great alternative. Their neutral tones are open for varied combinations while still keeping the all-orange impression!
Do not try to sneak in any piece in pop colors. Remember to keep everything tonally similar or neutral. 
2. White Blazer + Crop Top + Pant + Boots 
People less familiar with monochromes might find a severe lack of pastel or bright color outfits in their wardrobes. 
That’s where all-white or charcoal gray ensembles can be of help; you don’t have to jump straight into the deep extremes of the color spectrum!
Once you are more familiar with same-color outfits, level up the game by getting your hands on jewel, mint, or lilac tones. 
Borrow some central items from your family or friends, or just embark on a wild shopping spree to purchase all colors you like best. 
3. Green Suit + Black Belt
Nothing better to wear to your workplace or office! The green-hued suit, accompanied by extra items and accessories like a belt or stainless steel jewelry – will lend a refreshing yet solemn impression to your overall appearance.
And it’s totally okay if you wish to incorporate slight prints onto the suits. As we stressed above, as long as the color palette remains consistent, a little pattern here and there wouldn’t hurt. 
Avoid introducing new colors and shades that might confuse viewers’ focus; they will not know where to look! 
Do Monochrome Outfits Have Any Disadvantages?
While we have debunked the baseless rumors that monochromes only work with slender body types, there are still certain drawbacks to look out for. 

Limited visual interest: Wearing similar colors and fabric all through without any contrastive features might make you look boring and flat. Refer to our tips above to avoid that catastrophe.
Spills and stains: Concealing spills or stains from one-color fabric can be quite a challenge, especially if it’s light-themed.

Our guide on how to wear a monochromatic outfit doesn’t make these items any less tricky – but at least it can give confused novices some helpful pointers to start with! 
And remember, practice makes perfect. Soon, you will find yourself heading onto the street in monochrome with utmost confidence. 

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